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Electric Roads

We have all heard of electric cars, but not of electric roads. The benefits of Electric car consist of large amount vary from environmental (100 percent emission free, promoting clean air) to financial ( lesser operating cost than  a regular car). The only major drawback is the need to charge the vehicle. For long distance,Electric vehicles batteries are not suitable as heavy weight batteries can’t produce enough power and they are expensive too. Rather than simply attempting to solve this problem with larger, heavier batteries or by adding more charging stations. Israeli startup ElectRoad design the special roads that charge your car while driving.

The company major motto is to revolutionize e- mobility and eliminate the dependency on oil. ElectRoad invests in a unique technology that powers the vehicle wirelessly from the road.  The road's working is based on simple physics that change in magnetic field around or nearby coil produces electric current in the coil without even any ph…

Beams,loads and their types

                     BEAMS ,LOADS AND ITS TYPES

 To start studying about the shear force and bending moment of different types of beams with different types of loads,we should have knowledge of  beams and loads .

BEAM: Structural member which carries the transverse load or force (force which acting perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of structure. 

  • Simply supported beam
  • Cantilever beam
  • Overhanging beam
  • Fixed beams
  • Continous beam
Simply Supported beam: A beam supported or resting freely on the supports at its both ends. Such beam is shown as below:

Cantilever beam: A beam which is fixed at one end with support and free at the other end.

Overhanging beams: A  simply supported beam whose end portion is extended beyond the support.

Fixed beam: A beam whose both ends are fixed or built-in walls.It is also known as built-in or encastred beam.
Continuous beam: A beam which has more than 2 supports. We can also say that it is extended form of simply supported beam.

Load: The external force acting on the section or member. For study of shear force and bending moment, we classify the load into following manner:-
  • Point load or concentrated load: The load which act on a single point of any section or member,although in practice it must really be distributed on very small area.
  • Uniform distributed load: The load  which is spread over a beam or section uniformly along the length.It is expressed as  w N/m. It is represented by u.d.l.
                           For solving the numerical problems,the total uniformly distributed load is converted into point load acting at centre of uniformly distributed load.
  •  Uniformly varying load: The load which is spread on the section of member such that rate of loading varies from the point to point as shown in the below figure in which load at one section is zero and increase uniformly to the other end. It is also known as triangular load.
                    For solving the problems the total load is equal to the area of  triangular and this total load is assumed to be acting at centre of gravity of the triangle i.e. at a distance of 2/3 rd of total length from the left side.

For further reading wait for my next blog on shear force and bending moment of different beams with different type of load.
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